India Pharma Industry Course: Basics + Relevant Concepts

India Pharma Industry Course: Basics + Relevant Concepts

Please read Course Description / Course Content and See the promo video for course details, expected learnings….

What you’ll learn

  • Indian Pharmaceutical Industry – Basics and other relevant concepts
  • By the End of this course, you will have full understanding of Basic Pharma Concepts including types of drugs, company business models, relevant companies and their drugs and much more.
  • This course covers relevant topics which will help you in passing your job interviews.

This course includes:

5.5 hours of video
Certificate of completion


  • Require Mobile/tablet/laptop/PC with internet
  • B Pharma & BSc Students, Graduates and Industry Profrssionals


Introducing a Pharma Course for Pharma/B.Sc students, graduates, industry professionals.

This course will help you with basic concepts related to the functioning of the Pharma Industry. The focus is on Indian market but we have given global touch so that the understanding is complete.

 Some of the features of the course are:

• First and Only Course in India
• Market Relevant Course Content
• Pre-recorded Video Format (330 minutes / five and a half hours)
• Explanation through pictures
• Simple and easy to understand language
• 24-hour access – online from any device – mobile phone, computer
• Two video access – free – preview of the course


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Course Content:

Chapter 1: Terminology & Concepts

Brief summary on the various basic topics.

  • Topic 1: Drug – What is drug, API, Formulation…
  • Topic 2: Drug Types – chemical and biological
  • Topic 3: Drug Discovery to Market – introduction to Pre-clinical, Clinical trials
  • Topic 4: Regulatory Agencies – India, US, Europe, Japan
  • Topic 5: Patents – product, process
  • Topic 6: Innovator vs Generics Drugs – with examples
  • Topic 7: Companies: Business Models – Innovator, generic, Hybrid with examples
  • Topic 8: Major Currencies
  • Topic 9: Major Units

Chapter 2: Key Numbers

  • Topic 1: Sales: Global, India & 14 key Countries – country wise sales
  • Topic 2: Sales Growth: Historical & Expectations (historical five years, expectations till 2021)
  • Topic 3: Top Company & Top Drug (Global & India)
  • Topic 4: Companies: Global & Indian Generics Market (List)

Chapter 3: Companies Based Out Of

US, Europe, Japan: Brief History of 30 companies, One drug from each company relevant to the Indian market, other brands of the same drug in the Indian market.

India: List of companies (50+), brief history of companies: 25

  • Topic 1: USA Based Companies (10 Companies & 10 Drugs)
  • Topic 2: Europe Based Companies (12 Companies & 11 Drugs)
  • Topic 3: Japan Based Companies (8 Companies & 8 Drugs)
  • Topic 4: Other Geographies Based Companies (4 Companies & 2 Drugs)
  • Topic 5: India Based Companies (List of 50+ Companies, Brief History of 25 Companies)

Chapter 4: Companies in Specific Geographies (Only List)

  • Topic 1: USA (List)
  • Topic 2: Europe (List)
  • Topic 3: Japan (List)
  • Topic 4: India (List)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to get entry in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Existing Pharma Professionals who are looking to progress in their jobs


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